the bungeetape story

bungeetape is the latest hair tie technology from the designers and manufacturers of Hair Bungee

Design Innovation
Beginning in early 2016, the design brief was to evolve traditional hair bands by challenging the concept that it must have a single circular band or multiple anchor points (hooks) to secure itself to the hair. In other words, how could we design a Hair Bungee without the hooks? The answer was found in a new technology that has been modified exclusively to our specifications. 

Prototypes & Testing
From December 2016, our Product Development Team began testing various samples of bungeetape and after several prototype revisions, the final professional quality version was produced in May 2017. An intense testing program was then initiated to ensure bungeetape exceed the expectations of professional editorial and session stylists.

Runway Proven - KEVIN.MURPHY
So how could bungeetape move forward and prove it was ready for the world stage? Thankfully, this is where Kevin.Murphy International (US) and Kevin Murphy stepped up and consequently bungeetape was incorporated into the first two shows for Melbourne Fashion Week, September 2017 and several other K.M shows (Taipei, Milan & Canada) thereafter. We are of course forever grateful for the support from KEVIN.MURPHY that helped us test and validate bungeetape in the real world - there's not many Companies in this industry that would offer their resources and expertise so freely.